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May 28, 2018

Counting down to GFW 2018

Graduate Fashion Week is now just days away. I'm excited for a few reasons. Firstly I remember going to GFW before I'd even applied to do a degree and seeing the photographers there really helped inspire me. Although I'd been doing adult education qualifications in photography, thoughts of university were really just a distant idea bubble.


GFW17 shot for The Glass Pineapple. Designer Charlotte McDonald

Secondly shooting at GFW in 2016 once I'd actually started my degree was AMAZING and I LOVED it. I remember speaking to my tutor and asking him how can I go and shoot my uni at GFW. I expected there to be people queuing up but it was only me (and also about Feb - I was keen...) and so I did. I shot runway, I'd also bought some tickets to watch some other shows and then managed to photograph them too. So GFW16 was a good year for me. From that year I was contacted by Alex and The Glass Pineapple who I've gone on to have some amazing adventures and experiences with. LFW, LFWM, Belgrade Fashion Week and more.

GFW16 Kendal Baker

GFW16 Rhys Ellis
So along came GFW17 and I'm gearing up to shoot again whilst getting ready for my degree shows and I find out that my uni are nominating me for the GFW Fashion Photography Award and from my entry I was shortlisted to the final 10. I was bloody thrilled. So there I am at GFW17 running around shooting all the incredible talent backstage whilst being part of the GFW awards process. It was quite something. I'm not sure if I'm the oldest graduate finalist they have had for the awards but it would be interesting to know.
GFW17 shot for The Glass Pineapple. 

GFW17 shot for The Glass Pineapple. Designer Sarah Francis
So here I am about to go through a kit check for GFW18 in preparation for shooting it as my first year after graduation. I'm going to be there all week, feel free to drop me a message if you want to say hi. Also as fashion is a collaborative creature so I'll be looking out for designers to collab with. If that's you are you know someone who's work would go well with mine - let me know!

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